Edgar gave me the ok to post these.

Brie Larson in the UNUSED RED WIG from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.

Envy Adams had red hair on the original book cover.

When Brie came in for hair & makeup tests, they tried the red first, nobody was super into it, then they tried the blonde and obviously we all loved it.

Edgar was actually the last holdout insisting that they try to stick closer to the book with the red hair!

I’m still leaving her hair red in the color version of the books, though. Red on a cartoon character just has a completely different look and feel.

They’re both cool!

Look at that 19 year old child in those photos, jeeeeeez.


one of my favorite fan colorings by my bff kristen cosmicheart.


funny story. when I drew Kim Pine miming shooting herself in the head in the Scott Pilgrim comic (book 5), i was thinking of Simon Pegg doing it, masterfully, near the end of Shaun of the Dead. Then Edgar went ahead and put this in the movie and now he has two movies where people mime shooting themselves in the head and it’s all my fault




Favourite moment in Scott Pilgrim.

crowning series moment



Scott Pilgrim Valentine’s Day Cards

By Liz Nelson

These are cool, and I hate Valentine’s Day.


A long time ago, before the oldest asks, someone requested Edgar Wright and I answered their question which was mixed in with their request so I bookmarked their url and now they’re gone. Goodnight, sweet prince.

ANYHOO. I basically hold Edgar Wright on the pedestal of “Everything I could ever want to be.” 

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