• black widow was the breakout star of the avengers, has a solid basis for a solo movie
  • carol as captain marvel is being pushed as “earth’s mightiest hero”, would make a great superhero movie
  • lots of female superheroes with diverse origin stories that would make for really interesting movies
  • and
  • we get
  • ant-man
  • image

people getting mad about ant man obviously have no appreciation of all that is good in the world 


Your boss, you should just ask her out.



This song is so beautiful. I love it. EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT.

That feeling in your chest? Appreciate it, because tracks like these don’t come along often enough

I want to walk places feeling all cool to this music.

I really dislike it when…

people refuse to enjoy/watch animated films. As if animated films are really lame and just for kids.

They are not. They are wonderful (well not all the time *cough* Igor, I frickin’ hated that film *cough*)

But for example Mary and Max. I know I’m always going on about it but IT IS SUCH A GREAT FILM. And it upsets me that some people won’t watch it because it’s animated.

Don’t even get me started on Beauty and the Beast. 

posted 3 years ago

Mary : My teacher, Mrs Pendergast, says I should smile more. I told my mum and so she drawed a big smile on me. I don’t think Mrs Pendergast likes me anymore. I better go now. My tears are smudgling my words.

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