This is so fucking cute!

oh edgar.

Can I bring this back because I will forever love the way Edgar walks in.

It’s 15 seconds. It’s adorable. Watch it.


Brandon Routh

Okay, long description of the premiere coming up!

Shannon, my mum and I got the train up to London which took just over an hour and a half. We got to Leicester Square at 2ish, and there was quite a long queue already full of fans, lots with awesome dyed hair. We joined the queue and sat there for 2 hours. Then they started putting the barriers up and we found a better spot to stand (the security guard told us it was the best place :P). Then we waited there for another 2 hours or so. Then we started getting worried because we realised where the cars of celebrities would probably stop, and we thought they wouldn’t come to our area, so we were annoyed at the security guard. 

Ellen Wong was the first person to turn up. I’d printed some photos of 9 of the cast members (+Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) so I got my one out in hope of her coming to us, but she didn’t, as far as I could see she went straight in. Anyway, lots of other people turned up. Michael Cera arrived and everyone went mad! He came to our area and signed our stuff and it was so funny. Shannon and I had a sign that said “WANT ANYTHING FROM THE SHOP?” with a picture of a cornetto, as a reference to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, but he looked at it and said “I can’t sign that, I’m not in those movies” but Shannon was like “I DON’T CARE. SIGN IT.” and he took his time and decided to sign it, and wrote underneath “(not associated)” :L 

Florence Welch was there too which was unexpected, but she didn’t get near us.  Other random celebrities included; Matthew Horne, Keith Lemon, Olly Murs and Dermot O’Leary but I didn’t care too much for them :L

Then we got Brandon Routh to sign stuff, and Jason Schwartzman. I had a sign saying “WE LOVE EDGAR WRIGHT” and I really wanted him to see it, sign it and get a photo with him, but he went to all the areas except ours! It was very upsetting. 

Simon Pegg then got out of the car and we were just like “jweFGJW[GJEROGHJSIIIIMONNNNN” and he came over and saw our cornetto sign and laughed, and he signed my photo of him but HE ASKED ME FOR A PEN! He gave it back after but I swear, I am keeping that pen forever. Oh yeah and I got the photo with him xD And then he carried on and I was just stood there like “O_O” LITERALLY. I was close to tears due to happiness. 

AW, then Bryan Lee O’Malley (the author of the series) came out of nowhere, and he was stood there and no one recognised him so he looked all awkward. But me, Shannon and my mum just screamed “BRYANNN” and he turned out and came over and he was really happy he’d been recognised. He asked for my name and signed my copy of Precious Little Life! :D

That’s about it really. The train journey home, I just couldn’t wait to get on the internetz and tell everyone about it, but when I got home my dad was on the computer for another half hour and I was so impatient :L YEAH THAT’S MY DAY. And it was the best day of my life :D

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