30 Day Friends ChallengeDay 10

Favourite Chandler Moment → His speech about wanting a kid.

Chandler is arguably the wittiest character on the show and he has certainly had his fair share of hilarious one-liners, many of which I contemplated choosing as my favourite Chandler moment. But I ultimately chose this scene because it reminds me of how much Chandler grew in the ten years of this show. When Friends started, Chandler’s only defining characteristic was that he was completely afraid of commitment and emotion. There were countless jokes made at his expense about how he would be the last one to get married, or how he would never have children. Entire episodes were devoted to running jokes surrounding his commitment issues and his ability to find something wrong in every potential girlfriend. But then he fell in love with Monica and that all changed. Here he is, in the last season, completely head over heels in love with his wife, and begging for the chance to have a child with her so he can start a family. He never lost his sarcasm or his wit, but falling in love did change Chandler for the better, and this scene proves that.  


I’ve got the moves like Jagger.


Simon: We had this amazing panel for Paul. It was the best time I could ever meet Harrison Ford, who I adore, he’s a hero of mine and I was coming off stage from this— the panel went great, uproarious applause. I was stepping off stage, he was waiting to come up for his Cowboys and Aliens panel and I bumped in to him. And, rather than saying, “Hey, Harrison. Simon Pegg, from Paul.” I just went, “HAAHAAHANSOLO,” and ran away.



Happy Birthday, Simon!

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