1. What was the last movie you watched on theaters?

2. What was the first movie you ever remember watching on theaters?

3. Top 5 movies

4. Top 5 directors

5. A favorite adapted movie

6. Your best experience on going to the movies

7. A guilty pleasure

8. An overrated movie

9. An underrated movie

10. A movie that not many have heard that you’ve seen

11. A movie you watched mainly for an actor

12. Top 5 actors

13. Top 5 actresses

14. VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray?

15. Favorite Disney movie (not PIXAR!)

16. A tearjerker

17. A movie that you know its bad but you can’t help but love it

18. Favorite Movie Soundtrack

19. Favorite quote from a movie

20. A movie that was better than the book

21. First adult film you watched (thematically speaking not R-rated)

22. A kids movie you always watch

23. Favorite Science Fiction movie

24. Favorite Comedy

25. Favorite Fantasy

26. Favorite Love Story

27. A movie you hate

28. Favorite animated movie

29. A movie from your favorite director you didn’t liked

30. Favorite comic book movie

31. 3 movies you’re expecting excitedly!

32. A book you read for a movie

33. Favorite Musical

34. Favorite fictional character

35. A movie you wished they never made

36. Favorite remake

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